Why Vanilla? Why Black Bee Vanilla?  The ability to soothe is high on the list.  In times of pressure at work, or possibly after a long day of playing with your kids, you may be looking for something unique that can bring your day a little bit of cozy comfort without breaking the bank.  Imagine the delight of family and friends as you invite them for some of your famous homemade cookies.


But what’s this? Something different.  It’s an accentuated taste that has never been there before… a taste that lingers in your memory and soothes your heart.  How about a warm cup of rich, hot chocolate or apple cider after a romp in the snow?  With a cool dollop of whipped cream topped with vanilla powder, everyone will soon have warm hearts and smiles.






Vanilla beans, with their rich, even exotic aroma, and many varied uses, can provide relaxation and maybe change your world... if only for a few minutes. Vanilla has a very familiar and comforting flavor – whether using extract, powder or paste.  If you’re baking, or making cool treats, Black Bee vanilla products will help your senses come alive!



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